Me Classy Maybe

Me myself classy I don’t know I think I am but I know some people don’t think I am.  First of  all to me class is are you trustworthy and are you nice and care about your friends and other people.  There is a lot of people that trust me but I can be mean sometimes.  I hope I am classy because I have a pretty good thing going in school I have a lot of friends all the teachers like me I think.

I think I have a good reputation at school because the teachers all know me very well and they really like me.  The students also like me because, I can keep there secrets and they can trust me with all there heart.  I think that I am classy and I think some of my friends think so too.  Personally I think I am classy, because I am nice, trustworthy, and care about a lot of people.

There is one person in my class that has a lot of class and his name is Micah.  Micah is a great friend and he a lot of class because he is super nice and is very trustworthy.  He can keep anything a secret even if it is something about a person that he plum hates and doesn’t like.  He is the nicest person I know.  He is also very very classy.

There is one person though that doesn’t have class and every time I see them do something wrong I think that I do not want to grow up and be like this person.  I think that this person does not have any class, because you can not trust them at all because they can’t keep a secret and they make fun of everyone.  This person also doesn’t care about anyone but there self he hates everyone.

All I know is that I want to grow up to be  classy and very trustworthy.


D.A.R.E Essay

This year in sixth grade we have a class called D.A.R.E every Thursday.  In D.A.R.E we learn about drugs and things like that.  We learn how they can really hurt you or how they can kill you.  Drugs can mess you up mentally or physically.  If you play sports or something and you smoke you will run out of breath quick and possibly pass out.

We also learned this year that one of the most worst drugs you can use is marijuana.  Marijuana is illegal and there is no age limit to using it because you aren’t aloud having it at all.  Another thing that is illegal is a meth lab.  Meth labs are really dangerous, because they can explode from mixing the chemicals wrong.

Probably the funnest thing we did this year was wearing the D.U.I goggles.  It was awesome because we had to try to walk a line and then turn around and catch a tennis ball.  The boys walked the line the line and caught the most balls.  The ball was really hard to catch the line all you had to do is try to walk as normal as you can.

This year in D.A.R.E we have learned a lot about drugs how they can affect you and how you grow and how you look when you grow up.  How if you start when you are young the quicker you get addicted to drugs and alcohol.  So what ever I do I will never do drugs.

My Group At Camp Oty Okwa

This year in sixth grade we went to camp Oty Okwa.  It was awesome rather than my group.  There was a couple kids in my group that I wasn’t so sure about.  I just really didn’t know them and really didn’t like them.

But after being in forty degree weather and soaking wet you get to know them better and start to learn more about them and how they act.  So after we were done with are activity we would go and eat.  Especially at the table you start to know them better and learn like if they have manners or table respect and stuff like that.

Now after we were done eating we would go back to our lodge and you learn more about them in the lodge to because then you can see if they have respect for you and your peers.  Which Alan did but he didn’t really respect your things very much.  Because I left a couple things in the bathroom and he was just about to throw them away because they were in the shower stall.

I am just glad i had a couple of friends in my group like Dawn, Belle, Jared, Shala, Alex, and my best friend Micah.  Me and Micah used to hate each other though but over the years we have grown to each other and became friends.   Shala, Alex, Belle, Dawn and I though have known each other for a long time.  We were in preschool together and have known each other through the years and stayed friends.

The people in my group were great though because they encouraged me to keep going and go under a tight squeeze at a place called split rock.  Especially my group counselor worms, she is the one who really told me to she said don’t be afraid just lay down and go under it.  The counselors there though were great and were really nice.  There was Itchy, Worms, Willow, and Jeremy.  I don’t know if he had a nickname or not but I never heard it.

I think that our teachers here at Laurelville made good groups because they mixed them up with people that they really didn’t know.  Also every time we switched classes we would have different teachers come with us.  Mrs. Griffey was the most funniest one that came with us because she would get wore out and would have to sit down or she would head back to the lodge to sit down for a while but she made it through.  Mr. McGuire made it through pretty easily.  I don’t know about Mrs. Conrad because I wasn’t with her at all.

Camp was fun but the rain was horrible it rained almost everyday.  With the rain though it made it fun because we had a slip and slide and everything going on like that and you always came to lunch with mud on your body.So the rain actually made it more fun because you would almost fall with every step you take.

A couple times I saw people in my group fall and other people would help them up.  That really made me feel good inside because other people were helping people up.  I couldn’t believe all of the kindness that I saw at camp it was unbelievable.

Camp was awesome altogether though because everybody had fun and everybody was kind to one another.  Camp was one of the most funnest things ever.

Mushroom Hunting

I have went Mushroom hunting twice this year and have only found like maybe 40 some mushrooms.  Usually when we go we find tons of mushrooms everywhere.  This year is just a bad year for mushrooms though.  We have had enough rain it’s just it doesn’t get warm enough outside.

In this photo its how it should be in my woods but its not this year.

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My Puppys First Birthday

Today April 27th, 2011 is my husky (Sasha)’s first birthday.  I got her when she was three months old and now she is 1 year old today.  I can’t believe she is already a year old.  This morning I made her sausage sandwiches and dog treats and put them into a smiley face on a plate.  Within a minute she had it gobbled down and it was gone.  I couldn’t believe how fast she ate all of it because there was quite a bit there.  So happy birthday Sasha.

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The Bulls Lost

The Chicago Bulls lost Saturday against the Indiana Pacers.  Derek Rose was doing great but they just couldn’t take the lead back in the 4th period.   The Bulls had a rally going once again though in the 4th but they just couldn’t make the shot that would have won the game.  The Bulls aren’t all the way out of the playoffs though they still have a chance to win the playoffs.

I would really like to see the Bulls and the Heat play for the championship but no one knows who will win the big game.  The Bulls and Pacers made up a good game but if they would play each other again  in the big game the bulls would win by a mile.  Even thought the Pacers are good I still think that the Bulls will win easily.

In the photo above is Rose going up for the layup.

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Heat Goin All The Way!!!

The Miami Heat are going all the way this year with Lebron, Bosh, and Wade they are going to make all the way.  Wade needs to get back in his groove though he has lost it since he has went into playoffs.  Lebron is still as good as ever now especially because he has Bosh and Wade on his team this year and Bosh is doing good to.

The Heat are taking on the Sixers tonight at 8:00 pm.  If the Heat beat the Sixers they will move on the next game I don’t know who they will play yet though.